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To meet your business growth goals, you need to attract customers. Maximize the online visibility of your business with the help of SEO solutions from Daybreak Consulting.

Search Engine Optimization Solutions


One way or the other, the search visibility of your business impacts your ability to attract new customers. To meet your business goals, you need to attract the attention of potential customers for your unique goods and services.

At Daybreak Consulting, we know how to improve search rankings for small businesses. We help businesses meet their growth objectives by offering a full range of flexible search optimization services. Our services include:

  • Keyword research and strategy
  • Content writing and on-page SEO
  • Local search optimization
  • Technical SEO
  • Link building
  • Reputation monitoring

We also offer more comprehensive SEM services. These holistic solutions are designed to boost your search engine rankings and online visibility through organic optimization and digital advertising.


2 Keys to SEO: Authority, Relevance and Trust

Designing a website with great visibility in relevant searches can feel challenging. At Daybreak Consulting, we simplify this process for our clients by optimizing sites based on two primary factors.
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Your Google search results are impacted, in part, by the "authority" search engines assign to your website and associated content. Website authority is an evaluation of the content credibility.

The exact criteria used by search engines to determine authority aren't known. There are, however, a handful of factors that have been found to substantially impact website authority. The factors include page authority, domain authority, and backlinks.

“Backlinks” are links to your website published across the internet. Search engine web crawlers examine both the quantity and quality of website links to your website. Internet search results are positively impacted for websites with more links from high authority websites.

Daybreak Consulting offers link building services designed to improve the authority of your website. We offer solutions for the submission of business contact information to all major online directories, citation services, and social media platforms. Additionally, we offer link building packages for websites. Links are priced based upon targeted domain authority, and can packaged to meet the growth needs of any business.

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Search engines deploy web crawlers to examine website content at regular intervals. Information from these page crawls is analyzed in a variety of ways to evaluate the "relevance" of your site. Website relevance is an evaluation of your website's correlation to it's intended subject matter.

Designing a website for optimized relevance requires careful planning and attention to details. At Daybreak Consulting, we design websites optimized to deliver outstanding search performance. We can assist you in deploying a website with search optimized "on page" content, on a flawless technical framework.

There are a multitude of factors that impact the "relevance" of a website, web page, or piece of content. These factors include things like your keyword strategy, keyword usage, your online business reputation, and more.



Daybreak Consulting's SEO audit solutions are designed to enhance the search performance of both new and existing websites. Our audit solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your business. We've found that our clients appreciate the value of actionable data produced through our detail oriented process. Our SEO audit solutions deliver value, and include options for:

  • Our "Complete Online Directory & Citation Listing" service
  • A comparative digital competitive analysis
  • Full Technical SEO audits & tune-up
  • Full On-Page SEO audits & tune-up
  • Optimized content copywriting


There are thousands of website directory and citation services across the internet today. These services provide a valuable service to businesses, providing a point of connection to potential customers. Our online directory and citation submission service ensures that your company's listing information is consistent across all major listings. And you'll rest knowing that your business information is distributed to the most important citation and directory services on the internet.

We'll distribute your contact information, hours of operation, and service information to the the most important digital listing providers. Our service includes distribution to over 80 industry leaders in search, directory services, and social media. You'll rest assured knowing that your potential new customers can reach you easily.

Consistent distribution of information across directory and citation listings has been shown to have positive impact on SEO performance. And to ensure the most positive impact on your search rankings, we provide free listing updates for 12 months.

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Custom tailored competitive analysis solutions from Daybreak Consulting deliver the intelligence your business needs to perform in today's digital landscape. We assist clients in identifying local, state, and national competitors in their unique digital space. These identified competitors are analyzed to identify strengths to build on and opportunities for improvement.

The identification of your digital competitors is available for all geographic area, including cities, counties, state, and country. Available competitive analysis components include:

  • Identification geography specific digital competition
  • Complete Google rankings for specific keywords by location
  • Comparative keyword search visibility
  • Keyword ranking comparative analysis
  • Analysis of competitor organic and paid traffic
  • Identification of competitor backlinks
  • Keyword/Subject gap analysis
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Put simply, our Technical SEO audits uncover coding issues that have the potential to negatively impact your search ranking performance. Technical SEO audits from Daybreak Consulting are customized to fit the individual needs of your business, and can include:

  • The assignment of a ”Site Health” score. The Site Health score is assigned based on the number, and severity, of the technical issues identified on a website. Scores are assigned on a scale of 0-100. For reference we provide comparative baselines for websites in your industry, and for all those on the internet today.
  • An itemized listing "technical errors" negatively impacting the performance of your website. These "technical errors" are the most severe technical issues, and have the most impact your website performance.

Our audit report includes details on the location of each issue, and we can even provide practical guidance for independent resolution. Sites are examined for hundreds of potentially negative issues, some more common than others. We deliver a complete examination of website title tags, page redirects, link integrity, meta descriptions, and much more.

  • An itemized listing "technical warnings" negatively impacting the performance of your website. These "technical warnings" aren't as severe as "technical errors," but still impact your website performance. Examples of "technical warnings" include issues with script loading speed, word count issues, the absence of image tags, and much more.
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Our On-Page SEO audits are designed to assist clients in evaluating and optimizing a websites keyword strategy and copywriting. On-Page SEO Audits from Daybreak Consulting can be tailored to fit the needs of your business, and can include:

  • Industry specific keyword research and strategy development
  • Keyword strategy performance analysis
  • Copywriting analysis, with options for guidance and reporting on both existing and ideal reading level, tone, and keyword usage
  • Originality checks to identify potential SEO penalties for plagiarized content
  • Complete reporting detailing on-page issues. Reports include the site location of each issue, with practical guidance for in-house resolution. Or take advantage of our full service optimization services!
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SEO Solutions for Small Business

At Daybreak Consulting we’re passionate about delivering the best SEO solutions to small business clients. Our experience serving small businesses includes:


  • Medical & Dental Offices
  • Law Firms
  • Accounting Firms
  • Financial Advisors
  • Realtors
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Title Companies


  • General Contractors
  • Low Voltage Electrical Contractors
  • Cleaning Services
  • Transportation Services
  • IT Companies
  • Physical Security & Life Safety Companies


  • Private Schools
  • Daycares
  • Early Education Centers
  • Churches
  • Religious Ministry Organizations
  • Charitable Organizations

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