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About Daybreak
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Vision, Focus, and Values Aligned to Best Serve the Digital Marketing Needs of Small Businesses

Our Origin Story

A First-Person Account of Daybreak Digital Marketing from Founder, Robby Day.


The Lightbulb Moment

Daybreak Digital Marketing was born out of my own past experiences with internet marketing agencies and providers.

You may find it reassuring to know that I've experienced life on "your side of the table."  Through my own past experiences, I observed the often-times frustrating trends and practices that have come to characterize contractual relationships with digital marketing agencies, IT firms, and software solution providers. Despite my best efforts over the years, I continually struggled to the find a digital solutions partner that would meet my expectations.

So, I decided to create my own. 

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A New Beginning
Over the years,  past employers have tasked me with managing more than a few marketing projects.  It wasn't until 15 years into my career, when I began work at a local small business for the first time, that I came to really understand the challenges faced by professionals tasked with managing marketing strategies for small businesses.  Without the robust resources and talented personnel I had enjoyed, and frankly, taken for granted in my past work at large corporations, I found myself repeatedly encountering unfamiliar challenges when partnering contracted agencies, consultants, and freelancers offering small business marketing services.
The Struggle is Real!
As I've spoken to small business owners and their employees over the years, I've discovered a remarkable commonality in the experiences shared by many in selecting, and working with a small business digital marketing services, agencies, freelancers, and consultants.  Some of these common experiences include: 
  • Habitually missed deadlines
  • Geographically fragmented (and contextually disconnected) teams
  • Unconventional working hours
  • Contractual monthly billing without accountability
  • The use of overseas sub-contractors, who are often brilliant and talented, but are virtually impossible to communicate with due to  opposing sleep cycles
After encountering these issues on multiple occasions, it occurred to me that I should explore the possibility of working with a professional specializing in local small business marketing services. I soon discovered that finding those local small business digital marketing consultants, agencies, and services would be easier said than done.

The Daybreak Difference



I created Daybreak Marketing to provide small businesses in the Greater Houston area with something I couldn't find - a local partner focused exclusively on small digital marketing strategies and solutions.  Through my experiences I discovered that many small business owners and their dedicated teams have come to appreciate and value the incomparable relationships and trust fostered when local businesses serve one another.  I think you'll appreciate the "Daybreak Difference."


We conscientiously place the goals, culture, needs, and time of clients before our own.


We intentionally invest, and seek to own, every client's specific growth objectives for their business.


We tirelessly "work the problem" to find uncompromising solutions. Goalposts weren't meant to be uprooted.


We passionately engage clients as a small business that exclusively serves fellow small businesses.  We intentionally pursue local clients - and cherish personal, face-to-face relationships.


We proudly call Pearland, Texas home.  We believe in the countless benefits of pursing clients, talent, partners, and vendors in Houston, Pearland, and the surrounding areas.

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