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A Great Strategy for Faster Website Design


Over the course of a homebound April, Daybreak Consulting launched a new website.  The version of the site you’re now visiting is referred to as a “launchpad” site.  A “launchpad” site is created in the second part of a three-phase process, as outlined in a website development methodology called “Growth Driven Design.”  “Growth Driven Design,” referenced as “GDD” for short, provides a strategic path to launching websites much quicker than traditional web development requires.


Launching a website for your small business is no small task.  If you’ve participated in this process yourself, either launching or relaunching a site for your own business, then you’ve probably experienced the substantial investment of time and money that it can require.

According to data gathered in a digital.com survey for 2018, the average upfront costs for a relatively simple small business website ranged between $2000-$8000.  So, what exactly is a “simple” website design?  Expenses associated with a simple design would include the purchase of a domain name (website address), SSL security certificate (lets visitors know that your site is secure), website hosting, CMS expenses (the platform utilized to design and update your website), web design expenses, and responsive web design optimization (ensures that your website adapts to phones and tablets).

It’s helpful to note what the pricing example we’ve sited doesn’t take into account.  Most notably missing are the tools needed to attract visitors to your website, and the mechanisms required to capture those visitors as leads.  The tools and systems needed to execute these crucial functions include SEO optimization, digital advertising (or PPC), content copywriting, blog production, social media integration, user experience optimization, and conversion optimization. 

In addition to the considerable financial investment required to launch a website, it’s also important to examine the amount of time it takes to do so.  A 2016 survey of digital agencies conducted by HubSpot showed that the average website takes 108 days to launch from the time of an initial project kickoff meeting.


The HubSpot survey that was just sited provides some additional statistical insight about the traditional web design process:

  • On average, traditional websites are delivered 2 weeks late
  • On average, clients report an overall satisfaction rating of 6.3/10 for the traditional website design process
  • After the completion of the initial website launch, 42% of sites are improved impact-fully once or less per year

This is problematic data, and it becomes more troublesome when considering data pulled from the same group surveyed.  When polled on the value of their company’s website, 56% of respondents indicated that their company website is their most important marketing asset and salesperson.  If a website delivers that kind of value, businesses simply can't afford late updates, unsatisfactory results, or infrequent updates.  


The Daybreak Consulting website was built utilizing a new methodology called Growth Driven Design (GDD).  According to a 2018 survey on the state of Growth Driven Design, it’s better way to develop a website:

  • 22% increase in client satisfaction over traditional design
  • 56% reduction in launch time
  • 9% more website leads generated over the first 6 months
  • 2% more website revenue generated over the first 6 months

Daybreak Consulting is proud to be certified in Growth Driven Design. Small businesses are facing unprecedented uncertainty in the face of the COVID-19 epidemic.  GDD provides a level contextual, data-driven agility in local website development that we’re excited to offer as an invaluable tool for clients searching for strategies to adapt, pivot, and thrive.  To discuss how Daybreak Consulting can help you launch digital solutions designed to attract, engage, and delight customers, visit the Contact Us webpage.

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